These past few weeks have been a whirlwind, readers! My day job has been absolutely consuming, but the great news is that for both work and my own enjoyment, I’ve been spending time recently attending comics-related get togethers and conferences, and it’s been so enriching! While I could probably benefit from a very long nap, I’m feeling truly energized about comics, and this weekend we were eager to get this page out to you all. Confession: I began drawing it a few weeks ago while waiting for Avengers Endgame to begin.

Seth is about to get changed into a robe for the first time. It reminds me of when I first put on a cassock when I was an altar server- it was red and had round snaps down the front, from the straight band collar to the vented billowing bottom of the garment. I’d never seen the movie, but I still thought the posters of Keanu Reeves were the coolest thing ever, and despite the clothing being red in color, I ran around the church parking lot pretending to be Neo from the Matrix. Will Seth’s imagination do something similar? Will he have fun? Or will he continue his habit of being a grump, albeit an adorable one?

…Until next week! -A

↓ Transcript
SETH: First ever.
MADAME: Here, young man.
MADAME: There’s a fitting room just there. Put these on and come out so I can make adjustments.