This page comes a day late, but it was for a good cause! And that cause is: I really wanted to do the backgrounds and textiles justice. Not only do I think it’s important that the magical world have the proper details in each location, but I also wanted to highlight some fashion choices here, particularly in the robes adorning the mistress of the shop.

WELCOME to Madame Milkens’ shop, providing the finest robes and magical garments for witches and wizards of all ages. Madame herself is seen here, mid-consultation, wearing an impeccably chic tweed robe with a crisp white undershirt and posh black tie. And who is that behind her, holding her arms out at her sides so that the enchanted measuring tape can help the floating quill record each dimension? Who is that clever looking young witch, bored out of her mind as her mother and the shopkeeper prattle on about Merlin-knows-what?

You’ll see.


↓ Transcript
AMARYLLIS: Who'd believe that whopper?
SHOP WITCH: Come this way, please.