What sort of things are featured on bookstore shelves during the Back to School season in the wizarding world? It’s one of the biggest sales times for booksellers, and that’s true for the magical community and for the muggles shopping in Waterstones.  The answer? A healthy mix of reference texts for students, and fresh political commentary for the parents accompanying them on their shopping trips. But, rather than the sorts of books that currently grace Muggle shop windows lately (critical tell-all exposés of the current government administration or calls to activism and reform), the wizards in Britain have titles written by their Minister for Magic on national security, and other tomes that reinforce the current attitudes towards non-magical folk. The blurbs on the back cover of “Muggle Menace” are from prominent and respected periodicals, Witch Weekly and The Daily Prophet. It’s hard enough being a new student, but being a halfblood one doesn’t make it any easier. Especially when your wizard parent is nowhere to be found…

↓ Transcript
SETH: That dwarf guy fancied you. Like...
AMARYLLIS: Yes, well, Og’s always had eyes, but to tell you the truth, he’s a bit short for my tastes.
SETH: Heh. Heh. S'that right?
AMARYLLIS: Ah, Madame Milkens! Let’s have you fitted for your school robes.