Steampunk doesn’t seem to jive with Seth’s purist punk sensibilities. But neither magic folk nor muggles have been known ask a student what sort of uniform they want. I ought to know. You should have seen the tartan travesty I sported for 8 years, only for that to be followed for another 4 by a navy blue, v-necked potato sack. So, here it is, albeit ill-fitting and poorly buttoned: The Hogwarts Standard-Issue Uniform! Built to protect pupils from neck to toes from stray spells and splashes of potion, as well as the chill and rainy winds of Scotland. Practical, styled in the English wizarding tradition, and crafted from durable yet fashionable black fabric. Seth is already complaining and he hasn’t even seen the hats yet!


↓ Transcript
ELOWEN:'s a robe. Haven't you seen one before?
MADAME MILKINS: Have you got it on? Come out and let me see.
SETH: I thought this was going to be more like a kimono or sumthin'. This looks like some...some kind of steampunk shite!
MADAM MILKINS: MIND YOUR TONGUE! There are ladies present! And what good would an open front do you if you spill boiling potion down yourself?