Something that always bothered me about the Hogwarts Express leaving from Kings Cross is that it really seems to put out any students who are from the North, doesn’t it? Can you imagine being a student with non-magical parents from the Scottish Highlands who has to haul your school trunk all the way to London just to get right back on the train North? Hogwarts is a forty-five minute drive in your dad’s old truck, but instead you’ve got to make the trip all the way down and back up… Tedious! Seth will make a friend in a future chapter with that very predicament. Ah, joy, new friends to complain with!

Speaking of future chapters, we’re very excited to meet up with Vox next weekend for a marathon writing session over strong drinks and dandan noodles. Chapter 4 is on the horizon, and with it an exploration of Diagon Alley, new faces, and some disturbing discoveries…

Yours sincerely,

ELLE! That very same thing confused me as well- how wasteful, no? But these are the things ministries do in the interest of Security; safety first, I suppose.
If there’s anything Seth needs, it’s a confidant and complaining buddy. Once he works past his resting grump face, he should be able to find plenty of pals.
Next week will indeed be full of magic and food; two things essential in any witch, wizard, or warlock’s life. -A

↓ Transcript
AMARYLLIS: We’ve gotta shift it. We’ve lots to do before we get you where you need to be tomorrow.
SETH: SIGHHHH! So are we taking a plane or are you just going to “abracadabra” us to school?
AMARYLLIS: To school? No, you’ll take the train there with everyone else!