Hey, everyone!
We’re a day late this week, but it’s for a good cause- I just finished working on the cover illustration for a children’s book- the third in the series that I’ve done the art for. Now that that’s all ready to go to the publisher, I can post this page. And I have! You’re likely looking at it now, reader. Thanks for always wandering back to this little corner of the internet to follow our story. I appreciate that you’ve stuck around- this comic means a lot to me, and it means a lot to my writers (Elle and Vox); it always troubles me when my work gets in the way of my passions, but bills must be paid before magic is made! (Rhymes are important.)
Speaking of Elle and Vox, we all had a splendid weekend together about two weeks ago, chatting about wizard politics and world building, and writing the next chapter.
This leads me to an idea we came up with regarding our update schedule for Finite: rather than dragging out the chapters week to week over years (yeah, I’m well aware that the pacing on this is a little more tortoise than hare), we’ve considered following our witchy hearts and the call of the seasons. Each equinox or solstice we would release a large batch update (so, an entire chapter, more or less!), giving readers a great deal more material to consume at once and allow me to work more easily around my paid work schedule. What say you, fair witches, wizards, and muggles that have somehow broken through our WordPress charms?


↓ Transcript
AMARYLLIS: Alright, sweetling. Grab on.
AMARYLLIS: Go on! Do it quickly, or you’ll be left behind!
SETH: ….w-what?