We’ll be sure to explore the parameters of magical travel more as the story goes along. For Amaryllis’ purposes, she needs a reliable mode of transportation, especially for moving fidgety youngsters around. For this, the portkey is well suited. In this case, they’re traveling between countries, from Ireland to England. That said, it’s not an overly great distance compared to what a witch or wizard might have to face when going from New York to San Francisco, or from Toronto to Vancouver; both very long distances but within the same country. One has to wonder if a portkey would be better suited to long distance travel like this, rather than reliance on such a temperamental method like apparation. Regardless of locale, though, as far as the Ministry is concerned, all the wizards of Great Britain are under their care and their speedy travel is of the utmost importance, second only to safety and security. Unfortunately, disappearing into thin air isn’t the most inconspicuous way of doing things, as Seth and Leo will soon find out. -A

↓ Transcript
SETH: L-Leo?
AMARYLLIS' POCKETWATCH: Portkey opening in... 5 4 3