Hey everyone! Updating today from sunny (and by sunny, I mean rainy) Florida! This week, Elle and I are visiting family and doing our best to relax. Relaxing is harder than anticipated, but we’re really trying! We also were so fortunate to see Vox last week to celebrate a major academic achievement of hers- it was a rare and wonderful treat! Perhaps it sounds like we see Vox really often, seeing as how we had a meetup about a month ago but… these past two visits have been the only ones we’ve had in… a year! I feel really lucky that we got to both see Vox and that we’re sitting in an air conditioned room, looking at palm trees outside… -A

Everyone give Vox a cheer! She survived three years of law school and graduated with so many honors that I legit cried during the ceremony. This page marks the last time that Seth and Leo will be seeing each other for a long while, but I promise that in the coming chapters Seth will make many friends and frienemies at school 💚 Look forward to a slew of new faces in Chapters 4+5! You thought this story was just about this little man? SURPRISE, IT’S AN ENSEMBLE CAST! Bbl, gonna go cast a rain spell -E

↓ Transcript
LEO: S-Seth?