Let’s pause for a moment to think about the implications of portkeys and the dangers involved with just LEAVING these tangible enchanted objects out in the middle of the world? In some cases, if you live remotely enough, it’s possible to leave.. say, a boot on a tree stump in the middle of a field. 😉 But if you live on an estate in Ireland or some other highly populous area with loads of foot traffic and cars passing by… how do you transport yourself discreetly and HOW do you make sure your portkey doesn’t get swept up as part of a push for Tidy Towns? You make it appear to be a rat. Granted, I’m not so sure how long that’ll work either! Amaryllis might find herself having to deal with Animal Control clearing her next portkey away… -A

↓ Transcript
AMARYLLIS: You couldn’t see through the charm? It was fairly weak. I started doing it years ago when muggles got so obsessed with their little tidying initiatives. Well-meaning folk kept throwing my portkeys in the bin! Hellishly bad for my schedule. Sorry, dear, I thought you could see what it was.
AMARYLLIS: Let’s drop your things at the inn before we start shopping.