And here we are: The Leaky Cauldron. I did a bit of thinking on exactly how I’d like the place to look and I decided after some research to marry the Leaky Cauldron of the beloved films with some elements from classic English pubs. I settled on Cittie of Yorke as my inspiration. A public house has stood in its place since the 15th century, but the building from which I drew my inspiration was built in the 1920s, one of several bars all within that location. It has a gorgeous tall ceiling and magnificent details in the wood-paneled walls. I’ve pared down a bit from 1920s extravagance, but drawn from the layout and included more wizardy elements as well as evidence of the Leaky Cauldron’s dual function as an inn as well as a bar. Figures peer down at the patrons from the paintings, but as it’s midday, the bar is hardly occupied, save for a few and the proprietor of the place- Tom. While the squib accused of writing the Books We Shan’t Speak Of changed some details, others were left in tact. Tom is one of those, described by the book’s protagonist as “quite bald”, and indeed- he is. -A

↓ Transcript
AMARYLLIS: 'Ello, Tom!