I think it’s interesting to consider the relationship Tom has with his regulars- being the proprietor of the Leaky Cauldron, he has surely housed and fed and watered many new Hogwarts students over the years, their caretakers, their teachers, and above them all- even those who govern and control wizarding society… Thinking of the sorts of folk you’d see just sitting in the corner for an afternoon is dizzying!
I’m also totally absorbed in thinking about the mechanics of wizard tattoos, lately. Do they move? Surely some are decorative, but others might have function- hopefully more beneficial ones than the Dark Mark. Are they applied via spellwork? Or with enchanted ink? Only a handful of Tom’s are visible, some mostly cheeky ones pertaining to his profession, though I do think having a spell tattooed on you may be a viable thing! Perhaps Tom has some anti-theft protections on his skin…somewhere. -A

↓ Transcript
TOM: Ama! Here to drown your woes with me before the start of term?
AMA: Ohhh, as lovely as that sounds, I’m afraid I’m already on the clock. We’ve got some last minute shopping to do. Got room for us?
TOM: Cutting it a bit close to the line, aren’t you? Mm, we’ve got some space. What’s your name for the ledger, lad?