Dun dun DUN. Could it be that our young man is just a tad notorious in the magical world? No, Seth never defeated an incredibly powerful dark wizard as a baby, but his name is rather well known for….other reasons.

I’m really proud of how Andy constructed the page layout for today’s comic! I’ve been nagging her just a bit lately that I felt like the paneling was getting somewhat repetitive and I gave her a very very vague idea for how I saw today’s page in my head and she made it happen. Taking vague ideas and turning them into something tangible is the hallmark of a good artist, and I’m always happy when she manages to scoop images out of my brain so easily. We’re celebrating her 27th birthday this week, so leave her some love and we’ll see you next weekend friends! -E

↓ Transcript
SETH: Um, Seth. Seth Yorks.