Tom, what a guy! I feel like Seth’s been getting shade from just about every magical person he’s met yet, but I feel like Tom’s seen it all and doesn’t judge (unless you do some damage in his pub that is). Excuse the slight delay in this weekend’s upload: today is Andy’s 27th revolution around the sun so we loosened up our busy work schedule a bit for revelry! We’ve been committing a lot of time lately to wrapping up the cover art and spot illustrations for the newest installment in a series of middle grade novels called “Zack Delacruz“; if you enjoy the art in this comic or you have some young readers in your life, I highly recommend these books. They involve a diverse cast of characters and are both written and illustrated by members of the queer community. Check them out and help support diverse children’s books! #WeNeedDiverseBooks -E

↓ Transcript
TOM: Yorks... got it.
TOM: Drop your bag, hm? I'll have it put in your room so you can be off.
SETH: Oh, thanks!
AMARYLLIS: Thanks for your help, m'dear!
TOM: Have fun!