This poor kid when he finds out Hogwarts doesn’t have Wi-Fi, huh? And not a Starbucks in sight for him to check his tumblr. One of the most interesting things about technology clashing with the magical world is updating this story for the current generation of school kids. I don’t know about you, reader, but when this book was first released we had only just gotten a home computer in my house and there wasn’t all that much to do on AOL outside of hanging out in chatrooms, answering the everlasting call and response of “a/s/l???”

Now kids are wired up to electronics and social media 24/7, starting from such a young age; do you think they would be able to cope with the sudden loss of their virtual world on the day to day? I think that I’d have a fair bit of trouble giving up technology to learn spells and enchantments. I’m definitely torn on which I find more interesting as science and technology evolve faster and farther and closer to seeming like magic.

How about you? Would you pick learning ancient magic if it meant giving up your access to modern technology? -E

↓ Transcript
SETH: Um, did the vibe in there get... weird?
SETH: I mean... do you think my stuff is gonna be okay? My laptop is in there.
AMARYLLIS: Nonsense, it'll be fine, love.