It’s been a busy past two weeks, friends- a weekend spent terribly ill followed by a weekend of birthday celebrations for our dear E; a series of events over the past 14 days which, combined with several other factors, kept me from dutifully uploading the page owed to you, our dear readers. You have my deepest apologies!

That said, I hope that this week’s page was worth the wait- our first glimpse into another awe-inspiring location in the wizarding world: GRINGOTTS. You may notice the return of the ever-useful paper airplanes which make up a useful but very pointy system of inter-office mail. You may also notice a more diverse range of employees at the bank from many difference magical races. Amongst the three of us writing this comic, we had some detailed discussions about the symbolism of goblins as the bankers in-canon, a topic already thoroughly covered by others who have diligently analyzed the books, both in their successes and, in this case, their flaws. Frankly, it made very little sense to us for a single magical race to be in control of the whole of the gold and silver of wizarding Britain, and we felt it would be better for the staff of Gringotts to be representative of the entire magical society!

↓ Transcript
BANK TELLER: Welcome to Gringotts Wizarding Bank, uh, sir.
AMARYLLIS: Step up, dear.