Do British banks have those kind of promos where you open a new account and get something completely useless? These days, banks in America offer cash bonuses when you open a new account, but when I was younger they gave out absolutely ridiculous things like toasters. The idea of Gringotts handing out a half-assed promotional coupon book for banking with them is hilarious to me–if only because they’re the only bank in the country that deals with magical currency. Who are they competing against? Likely older wizards who like to keep their life savings in a tea pot in the back of the cupboard. Those old birds have seen things go down with this government, they aren’t about to take an eye off their galleons.

Let’s hope that Seth’s mum had some valuable pieces on hand so he can buy his books for school! We’ll see you next week, friends. -E

↓ Transcript
BANK TELLER: We’re currently running a promotion--new holding accounts with a 100 galleon deposit are eligible for a fantastic coupon book with marvelous savings, such as a ten percent discount at Knight’s Potions--
SETH: Tempting, but nah. Here ya go.
BANK TELLER: Are you making a deposit or a currency conversion, sir?
SETH: I… uh… um. the second. Uh. The last one.