acmAfter spending her youth training as an empath and visual interpreter of dreams under the Oracle of philaDelphia, Andy spent four years honing her craft as an illustrator and designer at the University of the Arts. Robes tattered and smeared with ink, she packed her trunk and fled to what was once New Amsterdam to apprentice at a publishing house on the remote isle of Manhattan. After tireless efforts, she gained full time employment within their ranks as a designer of children’s literature.

Andrea, being never content unless fully exhausted, also illustrates books for children and comics for all ages. Her influences are myriad as she draws heavily from film, television, animation, comics, books, and vintage advertisements. Similarly, the artists who inspire her range from American golden-age muggle illustrators like J.C. Leyendecker and Coles Philips, to modern comic artists like Becky Cloonan and Der-shing Helmer.

If you should care to know more, you curious little beast, Andy is terribly fond of cooked potatoes, elegant furniture, dogs and lightning storms. She adores sad stories and tales of adventure, wearing black and drinking tea with heaps of sugar. Andy sends her best wishes to you, reader, and reminds you that you really ought to check out that pixie infestation in the bathroom.

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A very long time ago, from the ancient Black Forest came a hooded figure out of the mists. Villagers on the edge of the forest stared in awe and terror as the black robed being shuffled silently past their homes. Mothers pulled their children off the street in terror, groups of men stepped back to avoid a flesh-withering touch. The full moon’s light illuminated the path of the creature, and those unlucky enough to view it that cursed evening could only wonder what purpose had pulled it from it’s eon-long hibernation. That purpose was revealed as the figure sat down at the local public house, threw back it’s hood, and demanded pizza and a beer.

A few decades later, after some nomadic wanderings, Elle finds themself in Philadelphia, land of American history and shops that close far too early to be useful. Fueled by spicy food and 80’s new wave, they spend the majority of their time writing, gaming, or communing with entities that vibrate at a different frequency than most humans.

When not divining the future or raising moss children, you can find Elle on instagram.


When asked to describe herself, Vox replied, “Mostly harmless” and abruptly ended the interview by slinking off to a spot just outside of visual range. Further attempts at data collection have been largely unsuccessful but we are aware of the following facts:

  • Vox will drink anything that resembles a gin gimlet, Negroni, or a peaty scotch, but shows enthusiasm for most types of booze, particularly the free or heavily discounted kind.
  • Vox prefers The Smiths to The Cure for long, damp nights of the soul.
  • Vox is a cat lover cursed with terrible allergies.
  • Vox is leery of airplanes, romantic comedies, and people with multiple hobbies.
  • Vox once thought Wesley Crusher was extremely cute.

At the present moment, Vox has committed a large portion of time and energy to pursuing a degree in REAL ULTIMATE JUSTICE, which she hopes to someday parlay into an apartment with a soaking tub. In addition to contributing to this comic, she has written some pieces for Hawthorne & Vine and for the Dragon Age fandom at AO3. Please be warned that Vox’s fiction tends to increase in trashiness while decreasing in literary merit as final exams loom near.